We bring educators together to share ideas, practices, and resources to help them achieve excellent educational outcomes for all children in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming.

At our core, we believe that all children can succeed. And we believe giving educators the training and resources to develop their strengths and collaborate across districts is key to making that happen.

We partner with nationally acclaimed organizations to bring new insights, strategies, and resources to urban educators and administrators in public, private, and charter schools here in West Michigan. And we connect schools across districts to facilitate the sharing of transformative thinking and resources.

The EDNET area serves nearly 42,000 students in more than 100 district and charter schools in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming. If you would like to learn more about the population and student demographics in the EDNET area, click here

To learn more about the schools in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming, click on the interactive map. You will be able to see the locations of the district and charter schools throughout the EDNET area. 




Leading Educators

EDNET partners with Leading Educators to deliver professional learning and coaching to teams of teacher leaders from public schools in Godfrey-Lee, Godwin Heights, Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming.

Leading Educators is a national organization that ensures that teacher leaders receive the necessary support and training to be transformative leaders in their schools. They work to build teachers’ leadership skills and knowledge of rigorous content standards and instructional practices.

To learn more, visit Leading Educators’ website at: http://www.leadingeducators.org/

West Michigan Leadership Academy

Through a partnership between EDNET and the Steelcase Foundation, West Michigan Leadership Academy (WMLA) provides professional learning and coaching to educational leaders at every level of our local system.

Drawing on New York City Leadership Academy’s (NYCLA) deep experience in designing and delivering rigorous standards-based training, WMLA supports principals and district leaders in their efforts to transform outcomes for children in Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming. The foundation of this work is a three-year fellowship program for school leaders in Godfrey-Lee, Godwin Heights, Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming Public Schools. 

To learn more, visit NYLCA’s website at: https://www.nycleadershipacademy.org/.


New Teacher Center

EDNET supports the New Teacher Center’s partnerships with Godfrey-Lee and Grand Rapids Public Schools to strengthen their new teacher mentoring and induction programs.

The NTC is a national organization dedicated to improving student outcomes by accelerating the effectiveness of teachers and school leaders. When early career teachers participate in NTC-based induction models, students have been shown to gain as much as five months of additional learning. See highlights from SRI’s preliminary NTC impact study here.

To learn more, visit New Teacher Center’s website at: https://newteachercenter.org/.


EDNET partners with local school districts to support their efforts to improve student outcomes. EDNET currently partners with teachers and leaders from Godfrey-Lee, Godwin Heights, Grand Rapids, Kentwood, and Wyoming Public Schools.