At the Urban Church Leadership Center (UCLC), we believe that Christ-centered families make better and stronger communities. We seek to impact families by supporting and equipping faith-based leaders and congregations in those communities.

The UCLC is a personal and professional development center that trains, supports, and provides urban church leaders with learning resources and renewal.

The UCLC delivers professional learning and fosters a support network for urban church pastors and leaders. 

Our Team

The Urban Church Leadership Center (UCLC) team has a collective passion for supporting, learning from, and serving alongside church leaders. A commitment to hospitality, humility, lifelong learning, servant leadership, and kingdom work influences all we do.


Rev. Dr. Julián Guzmán

Rev. Lorenzo Miguel 
Hispanic Church Liaison, Grand Rapids


Rebeca Peña
Administrative Assistant

Pastor Artie Lindsay
Senior Program Consultant & Church Liaison

Julie Bos
Associate Director of Operations

Kailie Pillard
Communications Manager